Book Review

Your Perfect Year

by Charlotte Lucas, Translated by Alison Layland This was my Amazon First Read choice for October. Out of this months choices this book appealed to me the most. To see what October's book choices were go to Amazon First Read's for October. I've read many books that have been translated and some of them have… Continue reading Your Perfect Year

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The Glittering Hour

By Iona Grey What a great book this is. I found it very hard to put down, but the closer I got to the end of the book I started to slow my reading pace as I just didn't want it to end! The story flits between the Roaring 20's and the 1930's. Where the… Continue reading The Glittering Hour

Book Review

Book Review: It All Comes Back To You.

by Beth Duke Ronni is a nurse who works in an old people’s home/assisted living.  She loves her job and the people she cares for, but she has aspirations to be an author. She is very insecure and holds a lot of hurt in her heart. Taken away from her mother and put in care… Continue reading Book Review: It All Comes Back To You.