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Free Books Via BookSweep

This month I entered a competition on BookSweep to win some books. I know I already have lots of books, but thought I'd give it a go. Sadly I didn't win but I've heard from most of the authors that had a book in the competition. Where they gave me a free copy of one… Continue reading Free Books Via BookSweep

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Books Acquired Via BookBub November 2020

This month I’ve managed to download just 1 more free books than I did last month. Lets face it though who can resist free books? If your interested in getting free eBooks then why not join BookBub it’s free and you control how often you hear from them. If you are interested then just click… Continue reading Books Acquired Via BookBub November 2020

Book Blitzes

Slash (Devil’s Fury MC #7) by Harley Wylde

Slash Harley Wylde (Devil’s Fury MC) Published by: Changeling Press Publication date: November 13th 2020 Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance Shella — The Devil’s Fury are the only family I’ve ever truly had. My mom was a junkie. When she died, no one wanted me. Except Grizzly. I had a home, until things went horribly… Continue reading Slash (Devil’s Fury MC #7) by Harley Wylde

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The Fate of Us

by Tori Fox After reading the first book in the Broken Lyrics Duet and absolutely loving the story and characters, Then to be left on such a cliff hanger I couldn't wait to see how everything would work out. Book Two picked up from where book one left us. Unfortunately for me this book didn't… Continue reading The Fate of Us

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by Dolly Alderton This book really captures what being a single woman in the 21st Century is really like. Especially when your coming up to a certain age and you realise that your body clock is ticking. That all your friends are married or getting married as well as having children. Making you wonder if… Continue reading Ghost