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The Ninth Child

by Sally Magnusson I enjoy reading historical fiction and I enjoyed this book too, but I did find it a bit hard going. I couldn't really get in to it. I enjoyed the historical fact about the building of the aqueducts to supply Glasgow with fresh water, to try and stop disease in Glasgow especially… Continue reading The Ninth Child

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The Book of Koli

Rampart Trilogy Book One by M R Carey Wow I just loved this book. It's just the type of book that I love to read, as it really got my imagination going. It's fantasy, post apocalyptic and Sci fi all rolled in to one. I can't wait for the rest of the trilogy to see… Continue reading The Book of Koli

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The Group

by Lara Feigel I managed to finish this book, but it was very hard going. I really did not enjoy this book at all! I didn't like the style of the writing and I didn't like how the main character was narrating her friends lives as though she was living their lives. I felt as… Continue reading The Group

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Us Three

by Ruth Jones This is an uplifting, feel good and funny book with some sorrow that you definitely won't want to put down. I haven't read anything by Ruth Jones before so I didn't know what to expect. I enjoyed this book so much, and I think any woman of a certain age will be… Continue reading Us Three

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Amazon First Reads May 2020 Update

Well I couldn't decide which Amazon First Read book to go for this month. I'd managed to make my choice as you already know to the following two titles. Book One. If You Must Know by Jamie Beck Pages: 362, Publication Date: 1 June 2020 Synopsis: Life turns upside down for two sisters in Wall Street… Continue reading Amazon First Reads May 2020 Update