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Random Book of the Month April 2020

Thank you for popping by to see what Random Book of the Month I have picked out of the Jar of Books for April 2020. This month I was lucky that I hadn’t already read the first book I pulled out of the Jar of Books. Luke: Unzipped Parts 1, 2 & 3 by Cassia… Continue reading Random Book of the Month April 2020

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We Germans

by Alexander Starritt We all know what WWII was like from the British view point, but have you ever wondered what it was like to be on the losing side? I have many many times, my parents grew up during the war. My mother & father have told me many things about what it was… Continue reading We Germans

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April Reading List

Again this month, most of the books I’ve chosen to read are from my ARC list. If I manage to read these books then I will then pick something off my GoodReads TBR list again. Don’t forget to pop by again on the 6 April to see what book I pull out of the Random… Continue reading April Reading List

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Amazon First Reads for April 2020

Here we are again, it's time to choose one of eight books that Amazon First Reads lets Amazon Prime Members download for free. At the moment I seem to be downloading more free books than ever. I wonder if it's my mind trying to get off what is happening around the world, lets just hope… Continue reading Amazon First Reads for April 2020

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Joffe Books Huge Giveaway!!

Joffe Books Huge Giveaway Joffe Books are giving away 44 Free kindle Books for one day only 1 April and I can tell you that it's not an April fool as I've just downloaded a couple of their books myself. Joffe Books Huge Giveaway I came across this from a book club on Facebook and… Continue reading Joffe Books Huge Giveaway!!