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Cate Beauman’s “No More Secrets” Release Celebration!

“The ultimate goal is expansion—expanding the airport in phases and contracting with a major airline to maximize the island’s summer reach. I’d like to bring in flights from D.C., Atlanta, and Miami.” Gwen blinked her surprise. “Wow, I didn’t realize that was happening.” He nodded again. “That’s the long-term plan. Infrastructure needs to catch up before we start bringing more people in for a visit, though. I’d say we’re three years away from the full implementation.” “I see.” She made notes, not sure how much she liked the idea of Carter Island becoming a massive tourist attraction. They had numerous visitors every summer, but this seemed extreme. “You don’t have much of a poker face, Gwen.” Her gaze snapped to his. “I’m sorry?” “You’re frowning.” “Oh.” She immediately smoothed her features with a polite smile. “I apologize.” “You’re not much on the idea, then?” She shrugged. “We’re not looking to turn Carter Island into a summertime circus. It’s unfortunate if Buzz and the council have given you that impression.” “There’s plenty of room for growth.” “As a developer, I’m sure that’s your bottom line, but there’s also a need for conservation. I recognize that Thomas was too stuck in his ways when he was mayor. I also understand that Buzz is moving Sanderson in a new direction, but bigger isn’t always better.” “I agree.” She nodded decisively. “Good. Because both of the founding families are on board with careful, well-considered growth, but neither the Sandersons nor Carters will tolerate developing to capacity. As a Carter myself, I can assure you that won’t be happening.” A grin split Cade’s face. She felt her frown return. “Why are you smiling? What have I said that’s funny?” “You’ve certainly told me.” Her temper began heating. “This is my home—my daughter’s home. I have a duty to speak up and protect my birthright.” Never again would she be complacent when something didn’t sit right. “It’s been quite some time since anyone’s put me in my place. Most people wouldn’t dare.” She jerked her shoulders. “You don’t frighten me much.” He roared out a laugh, his head tipping back with the deep sound. “Duly noted.”

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May 2021 Round Up

Slowly Getting There! Well May was very uneventful apart from taking my laptop to be mended, as you all ready know it had to have it's operating system reinstalled. I'm still in the process of installing certain things back on to it. It's taking far longer than I expected it would! May Reviews: Non this… Continue reading May 2021 Round Up

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Books Acquired Via BookBub May 2021

If you have a limited budget like me, especially at this time then why not join BookBub. You have full control of how often they contact you and its all free. If you want to join or find out more about BookBub just click the button below. I’m sure you won’t regret it. join bookbub… Continue reading Books Acquired Via BookBub May 2021

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April 2021 Round Up

At Last! Well this April wasn't a great month. Unfortunately I had a relapse with my ME/CFS and I couldn't do anything much, apart from reading as you will see with the amount of books I read during April. It also meant that I wasn't able to write up any reviews for any of the… Continue reading April 2021 Round Up

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Books Acquired Via BookBub April 2021

Another month gone and I'm still downloading free books!! I guess its a stupid thing to do seeing what my TBR list look like, but you know me I just can't resist. I have downloaded a couple more free books since I wrote this post but my laptop is being repaired, so I’ve not been… Continue reading Books Acquired Via BookBub April 2021