Book Review, Monthly Roundup

May 2021 Round Up

Slowly Getting There!

Well May was very uneventful apart from taking my laptop to be mended, as you all ready know it had to have it’s operating system reinstalled. I’m still in the process of installing certain things back on to it. It’s taking far longer than I expected it would!

May Reviews:

Non this month

Books Read This Month:

  1. Wisteria Wonders (Wisteria Witches #3) by Angela Pepper
  2. Watchful Wisteria (Wisteria Witches #4) by Angela Pepper
  3. Wisteria Wyverns (Wisteria Witches #5) by Angela Pepper

Recently Acquired Books This Month:

Pre-Ordered Books:
  • Non this month
Amazon First Read:
Amazon Purchases:
Hardback Purchases:
  • Non this month
BookBub Free Books:

For a list of all the FREE books Via BookBub please go to Books Acquired Via BookBub May 2021 Post.

Book Blitz Posted This Month:

  • Non this month

Book Blitz Cover Reveals This Month:

  • Non this month

May’s Favourite BookBub Cover

Relatively Normal by Whitney Dineen

I chose this book because who doesn’t like a man in a kilt?

May’s Favourite NetGalley Cover

A Strange and Brilliant Light by Eli Lee

I chose this book as I only had one book via NetGalley in May but even so it’s an interesting cover.

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