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May 2021 Round Up

Slowly Getting There! Well May was very uneventful apart from taking my laptop to be mended, as you all ready know it had to have it's operating system reinstalled. I'm still in the process of installing certain things back on to it. It's taking far longer than I expected it would! May Reviews: Non this… Continue reading May 2021 Round Up

Book Review, Monthly Roundup

May Round Up

I don't know about anywhere else (because I don't watch the news or follow the news via social media) but her in the UK we have been having some fantastic weather. The only drawback for me though is that I don't like pollen, or I should say my body doesn't!! Meaning that I'm on my… Continue reading May Round Up

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May Round Up.

This May I managed to read 6 books and reviewed 6 books. So lets see how I do with June's Reading Challenge. Hopefully I'll do much better than May, I would be very happy if I managed 11 books again like I did in April. May Reviews: Book One. The Woman Who Wanted More by… Continue reading May Round Up.