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The Fate of Us

by Tori Fox

After reading the first book in the Broken Lyrics Duet and absolutely loving the story and characters, Then to be left on such a cliff hanger I couldn’t wait to see how everything would work out. Book Two picked up from where book one left us. Unfortunately for me this book didn’t live up to the first one. I found it to be lacking as well as going at a much slower pace. I really wanted to love this book but I just couldn’t.

We pick up with Anna having run away from her sisters engagement party. As she finally found out that her so called best friend Becca had not only been sleeping with her fiance, but she had also had his child.

For years Becca was the only person from Anna’s home town that she stayed in touch with. After her fiance died in a car accident. Anna didn’t know that all this time Becca had been constantly manipulating her, by dissuading Anna not to come back and make it up with her family.

When Anna ran away this time she went to the only place that she knew nobody would find her. Her grandmother’s house at the beach. Nobody knew that this place had been left to Anna. So she knew she’d get the time she needed.

Noah stayed as long as he felt he could with Anna’s parents, but felt that he was starting to out stay his welcome. He bumped in to a friend of Anna’s at the local bar and he told Noah she had borrowed his car. He also passed on a letter that Anna had asked to be pass to Noah in a few days after her leaving so he wouldn’t worry.

It didn’t make Noah feel any better it made him more determined to find her. He got the registration number of the car and cashed in a few favours from other cops he knew to try and trace where the car was. It didn’t take long for him to find her as he remembered her talking about the house at the beach. The only sticking problem was that he couldn’t remember which island it was on.

When Noah turned up at Anna’s door, she didn’t realise how much she had been missing him. They took the time to talk and work everything out between them then spent the rest of the week making up. as well as making new memoires together at the beach house.

As the week was nearing to an end the both knew that they had to go back home as their lives were still waiting for them. Anna had to get ready for a song writers camp she was hoping to be chosen to go on, by writing a new song.

Just as things were starting to get back on track and they were getting in to a familiar routine. A woman turns up at their house proclaiming to be Noah’s wife and that they were still married as she contested the divorce. This turned Anna and Noah’s lives upside down and yet again Anna runs.

This time though Noah knows where she has run too, and under the advice of his younger brother he stops trying to contact her and give her the time and space she needs to work out her feelings. During this time Noah tries to find out exactly why his ex-wife turned up clamming that they are still married. After all she left years ago without leaving any clues to where she had gone, she’d just disappeared without a trace.

Noah’s ex-wife was doing all she could to come between him and Anna, he needed to get her back out of his life! Will Noah find out the truth behind his ex-wife reappearing? How will he get rid of her and how can he make Anna believe that she is the only woman for him, as she is the one that brought him back to life.

Pages: 261, Publication Date: 27August 2020, My Rating:

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