Book Review

Your Perfect Year

by Charlotte Lucas, Translated by Alison Layland

This was my Amazon First Read choice for October. Out of this months choices this book appealed to me the most. To see what October’s book choices were go to Amazon First Read’s for October.

I’ve read many books that have been translated and some of them have seemed a little bit disjointed. I’m please to say that this book translated wonderfully. Making it a really enjoyable read. It had quite a few sad parts in as it has cancer, suicide and dementia in it but it also has some really funny moments in to too. I have quoted one of the funny parts that I highlighted on my Kindle.

Meet 42 year old Jonathan N Grief, Publishing heir of Grief & Sons Books. Who only publish books of a more prestigious kind, rather than your everyday type of books.

Jonathan is a man that is very set in his ways, and he’s not a particularly happy man either. His ex-wife has married his best friend, so they are no longer friends and he doesn’t really have any friends either. He’s up at the crack of dawn everyday to go on his morning run. As he likes to keep himself in tip top condition (and it also stops him thinking about his ex-wife and ex-best friend).

After his morning run he then sits down to read the Hamburg News, and as he’s reading it he picks up all of the grammatical errors and emails the Editor regularly to complain.

Even though he doesn’t need to be up so early, as he doesn’t have to go into the office as his CEO looks after the Publishing House, so he doesn’t have to. He only pops into the office to show his face to his employees.

So on 1st January, as on any other day, Jonathan goes out for his early morning run around the Outer Alster Lake. Even then he’s not really happy as “he was plagued by numerous minor irritations”. He’s a bit of a humbug really as he’s not happy with the mess left over from the New Years Eve revellers, such as smashed beer bottles to remnants of firecrackers and rockets.

After his run around Outer Alster Lake, he notices that someone has hung a black bag on to the handlebars of his bike. On looking in to the bag he discovers a thick book bound in dark blue leather. On closer inspection it turned out to be a Filofax (something not many people use anymore), but the diary in the Filofax is different to most as every page has been filled in. The front page where your name and address go had been written “Your Perfect Year“.

January 1: You can’t give your life more days, but you can give your days more life.

Anonymous Proverb


Jonathan then goes on a journey of discovery on his quest to try and find out who the diary belongs to, and the reasons behind it.

Hannah Marx, is happily in Love with her boyfriend Simon Klamm, and is hoping that at some point he’ll pop the question. While she’s still waiting on this she and her best friend Lisa are putting all of their business plans in to action and are getting ready to open Little Rascals Events. The entertainment agency for kids a new type of daycare centre for children.

As Hannah and Lisa are putting all of their time and effort in to their business plan, Hannah is starting to notice a difference with he boyfriend. He’s not quite been himself since he was made redundant as a reporter for the Hamburg News. He is looking on the down side of everything expecting everything to fail.

She knows that Simon has gone through a lot as he lots his mother to cancer not long in to their relationship and she helped him through all of it. But she just couldn’t seem to get him out of this new slump.

When one day he tells her to dress up in her best dress and to meet him at their favourite restaurant. She thinks this is it, he’s finally going to propose, but how wrong could she have been? He took her their to end their relationship, as it turns out he has terminal cancer like his mother, and he doesn’t want to burden her with his illness.

Hannah is devastated and still wants to be with Simon, and she comes up with a plan to make his last year his Prefect Year. Except on New Years Day after she has given Simon the diary he has disappeared, he’s left a letter signing everything over to Hannah and he’s even left his most precious of possessions to her, his Mustang.

What will Hannah do, and will Jonathan find the person who filled in the diary?

Dear Jonathan N. Grief, I wish you a wonderful day and a life full of happiness and love, in which trivia like slightly tight parking spaces are so insignificant that you no longer even notice them. And I’m really sorry about your parking ticket! Yours, The Inconsiderate Drive

Your Perfect Year by Charlottie Lucas, Translated by Alison Layland

Pages: 439, Publication Date: 1 November 2019, My Rating:

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