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I Will Follow Him

by Holly Tierney-Bedord I really enjoyed this book and found it hard to put down, but unfortunately I only had a small amount of time to read, it otherwise I'd have read it in one go. So if like me you have a limited time for reading then this is a great short read and… Continue reading I Will Follow Him

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No Regrets

by Tabitha Webb I enjoyed this book. It's funny and light hearted. It made me snigger a good few times. With these troubled times we find ourselves in this book is a good one to read. I could also associate with all of the characters as well, as they are all getting to the end… Continue reading No Regrets


“The Man I Hate” is available on Kindle Unlimited

“The  Man I Hate” is a Friends to Enemies to Lovers Romance that is not to be missed. Anna Wilson lost her parents unexpectedly, and is forced to go …“The Man I Hate” is available on Kindle Unlimited I love Scott Hildreth books, so I just had to repost this hope you enjoy it.

#ReadingChallenge, Book Review, Reading Challenge

The Group

by Lara Feigel I managed to finish this book, but it was very hard going. I really did not enjoy this book at all! I didn't like the style of the writing and I didn't like how the main character was narrating her friends lives as though she was living their lives. I felt as… Continue reading The Group

#ReadingChallenge, Book Review, Reading Challenge

Us Three

by Ruth Jones This is an uplifting, feel good and funny book with some sorrow that you definitely won't want to put down. I haven't read anything by Ruth Jones before so I didn't know what to expect. I enjoyed this book so much, and I think any woman of a certain age will be… Continue reading Us Three