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Dog Days

by Ericka Waller

This is a funny and quirky book, with some really great characters not forgetting their dogs. I admit I wasn’t sure about this book until I’d finished the second chapter and then I was hooked. I also have a favourite pair which is George and his little dog Poppy. George also has some great one lines that had me laughing out loud. There should also be a warning with the book as unfortunately there is a suicide which could be a trigger for some people.

George and Poppy his young dachshund. George isn’t in a good place. His wife brought home the little dog, then she passed away. His wife got the dog as she knew she was dying and that he would need something to help him get out and about in hopes that he wouldn’t stop living.

Betty and her rescue dog Lucky. Who George keeps calling unlucky due to all the knitted jumpers Betty knits for him.

Lizzie and Maud. Maud belongs to the woman who runs the women’s shelter where Lizzie and her son Lenny are staying.

Dan and Fits. Dan is a Therapist who is struggling with feeling like a fake therapist. Along with things he’s keeping from his best friend/cousin Luke. Who is actually more like a brother along with his dog Wolfie.

All of these people’s lives end up intermingling. Like Betty and George, George has no idea that Betty received a letter from his dying wife asking her to keep an eye one him. While Lizzie meets Luke by chance while walking Maud. Luke turns out to be her son’s teacher. He tries to take them both under his wing, but not all is right with Lizzie. Then Dan starts to become obsessed with one of his patients Atticus. Who is constantly tempting Dan to cross the lines of Doctor, Patient.

Everything starts to unravel in these characters lives and they all end up crossing paths with each other. Will everything come out in the wash? Will they be able to forgive and move forward as the friends they became?

Pages: 368. Publication Date: 11 March 2021, My Rating:

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