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Pink Bits (Awkward #1)

by J B Heller

I just loved this book it had me in hysterics many times while reading it. There Were so many funny one liners, I couldn’t keep count at all, through all of the laughing I did.

Reagan is socially awkward with everyone. When she finds herself in uncomfortable situations she starts sprouting out random facts.

One early morning her sexy neighbour Rhett barges in to her apartment butt naked and just flops down on her couch. He basically ignores her and starts to make himself comfortable, and all Reagan can do is stare at his body. Then things start to go wrong she drops the hammer she was holding on to her glass coffee table and ends up cutting her foot. Rhett has to move quickly to catch her as she passes out.

Rhett takes her to hospital and suspects that she might try to make a run for it if he doesn’t accompany her. This is when Reagan’s kind of crazy starts to raise its ugly head and there is nothing she can do to stop it, but Rhett doesn’t leave her.

Reagan’s kind of crazy would have other men running for the hills after the hospital debacle, but Rhett sticks around to look after her. From this point on Reagan and Rhett lives keep colliding with Reagan going from one crazy disaster to another. Until one day he ghosts her. Will Rhett find his way back to Reagan?

What the actual fuck am I seeing right now? I blink several times then wriggle my fingers. Well, I try to wriggle my fingers. Reagan has my hand in a death grip as she shrieks, “WHY ME, GOD?” My ears are actually ringing. “Calm down, woman. They haven’t even touched you yet.” Her chest heaves as she pulls air into her lungs in sharp, harsh pants. “I am calm, you dick-hole! This is all your fault. You did this to me. You cut me!” Her rabid eyes bounce around the small sterile cubicle.

Pink Bits (Awkward #1) by J B Heller

Pages: 134, Publication Date: 26 March 2019, My Rating:

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