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It’s Raining Men by Rich Amooi

It’s Raining Men Rich Amooi Publication date: November 8th 2020 Genres: Adult, Comedy, Romance On a dare, Faith Daniels tosses a coin into the infamous “Fountain of Love” and wishes for the perfect man, laughing it off as the dumbest thing she’s ever done. Like magic, her quiet life turns upside-down when men begin to… Continue reading It’s Raining Men by Rich Amooi

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Then He Happened by Claudia Burgoa

Then He Happened Claudia Burgoa Publication date: May 6th 2019 Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance Jason is a cynical rich playboy. He doesn’t take life seriously, He doesn’t believe in settling down. Eileen’s thirtieth birthday is almost here. But as always she’s her parent’s afterthought. Her family is too busy planning a shotgun wedding for her… Continue reading Then He Happened by Claudia Burgoa

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The Guy From The Internet by Birdie Song

The Guy From The Internet Birdie Song Publication date: November 2nd 2020 Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance A sweet romance with a touch of family drama. Holly Chee does not have her life together. She’s flip-flopped on uni courses and career choices, and somehow scared off her long-term fiancée-to-be, much to the chagrin of her immigrant… Continue reading The Guy From The Internet by Birdie Song

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Black Ties Duet by Brynn Ford

BlueBrynn Ford(Black Ties #1)Publication date: September 15th 2019Genres: Erotica Romance “Whatever your dark tastes may be, this is where you transition from your tattered and stained and mundane life into Black Ties, our underground world of pain and pleasure, dominance and submission.” Desi is no stranger to pain. Her young, newlywed life had been blissfully… Continue reading Black Ties Duet by Brynn Ford

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Never Have I Ever

by Joshilyn Jackson I don't really read many Mystery & Thriller books, as when I get to a certain point in the book I can usually guess what the outcome will be. Which ends up spoiling the book for me, but I can honestly say that "Never Have I Ever", kept me on my toes… Continue reading Never Have I Ever