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July Reading List

This month I've chosen three books from my NetGalley ARC list and two books from independant author book review requests. I'm hoping that I'll be able to read more again this month like I did for the last couple of months. I will update later in the month if I mange to get through these.… Continue reading July Reading List

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Random Book of the Month Update

As I told you earlier this month when I pulled the Random Book of the Month out of the Jar of Books. That I was in the process of making a new Jar of Books. I decided to download a list of all the books I have on Goodreads. As Goodreads gives you the option… Continue reading Random Book of the Month Update

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June Reading List Update

Well I've nearly finished the last book in my June Reading list so I have chosen a few more books from my GoodRead TBR List. My choices are below and I hope that I actually manage to finish them before the month is out, as I really need to get my reading count up. Extra… Continue reading June Reading List Update

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June Reading List

Again this month, most of the books I’ve chosen to read are from my ARC list. If I manage to read these books then I will then pick something off my GoodReads TBR list again. Don’t forget to pop by again on the 6 June to see what Random book of the month I pull… Continue reading June Reading List


“The Man I Hate” is available on Kindle Unlimited

“The  Man I Hate” is a Friends to Enemies to Lovers Romance that is not to be missed. Anna Wilson lost her parents unexpectedly, and is forced to go …“The Man I Hate” is available on Kindle Unlimited I love Scott Hildreth books, so I just had to repost this hope you enjoy it.