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The Name of Red

by Beena Khan

I really enjoyed this book, and its a genre that I haven’t knowingly come across before: Asian American Literature. I found it very thought provoking. I also loved the two main characters and learning about their culture and how they see their world. It has been subtly written.

Also I’d like to thank the author Beena Khan for letting me have a copy of her debut novel.

One wet and wintery evening a beautiful mysterious woman walks in to Kabir’s bar. Every single man watches her, even some women watch her with jealousy in their eyes. However the woman doesn’t even notice them. All she is interested in is her book and copious amounts of alcohol.

Kabir is so taken with this woman who comes in every night, to drink and read her book. He watches her from afar and he sees how she rebuffs every man that goes up to her trying to strike up a conversation.

One night Kabir leaves a book at her usual spot on the bar with a note in it. For Kabir its the only way he can think of engaging with the woman, without being rejected by her. As he can’t bare to be rejected again.

Over a short period of time books are anonymously exchanged between them. Until she uncovers that it’s Kabir that is leaving the books for her. Before she can rebuff him he shows her part of his bar that is only used for special occasions.

One wall is covered in books, she walks along the wall of books, stopping now and then to read the names of the books. Then she comes across copies of the books they have exchanged with each other. At first she isn’t very happy about the situation but it turns out that Kabir already had these books or more than one copy.

Over time they build a trusting friendship. Where they both help each other heal their pasts that have haunted them. Except tragedy may strike as we find out why red drinks so much.

Pages: 328. Publication Date: 15 May 2020. My Rating:

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