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The Ghost of You

by Tori Fox

I really enjoyed this book, it was easy to read and so enjoyable. I couldn’t put it down! This is the first book in the Broken Lyrics Duet and I can’t wait to read the next book as I want to know what happens to all of the characters. Can two people that have been so broken hearted and stuck in the past, come back to life and love again?

Anna and Noah are neighbours, but they only really know each other by sight. Even though Anna has admired him from afar, since she moved in just over a year ago.

Anna moved to Asheville to be nearer to her best friend Seraphina. Who owns a yoga studio where Anna works along with two other jobs she holds down in the evenings.

One particular night when Anna is working at “The Beer Garden” she gets hit on by a young drunk trying to kiss her. Noah her neighbour comes over to rescue her from the drunk. It turn out to be Noah’s youngest’s brother, they are out celebrating his 21st Birthday. Which now meant he’s actually drinking legally so Noah won’t have to arrest him as he is a cop.

Noah introduces Anna to another of his brothers, who is just about to opened up a recording studio. He invites her to the opening night and becomes shocked to find out that his brother knows exactly who she. He’s a big fan of her music and lyrics. He invites her back again later in the week to meet a friend of his and to have a bit of a jam session.

When Anna goes back to the recording studio it makes her realise how much she has missed playing and writing music. For the last seven years she has virtually stopped playing and only writing the odd bit of music on her own. After her first session she feels a kind of hope again.

All the while Anna and Noah are slowly becoming friends, they know that they have a connection but they both keep resisting each other. Are they going to get over their doubts and concerns? Will they both help each other to move forward?

This is a much shorter review than what I normally write and not as in-depth either. As the Autor Tori Fox has asked that reviewers don’t give everything away. So if you want to know everything in detail you’ll just have to get this book. You won’t regret it as its so enjoyable.

Pages: 251, Publication Date: 13 July 2020, Mt Rating:

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