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Not Suitable for Work

(Anti-Belle) by Skye McDonald For people who like a nice steamy romance that's an easy read. That you can also pick up and put down without forgetting the story line, then this is a book for you. I found while reading this book the description I have given it above is so true. As I… Continue reading Not Suitable for Work

#ReadingChallenge, Book Review, Reading Challenge

Naughty Scott (Love Without Limits Book 1)

by Frankie Love & C M Seabrook I don't usually read books that have less than 150 pages, as in the past I've found them to be quite lacking, in many different ways. However I quite enjoyed this book even though it was only 60 pages. Will I read anymore of these short read books,… Continue reading Naughty Scott (Love Without Limits Book 1)

Book Review

Accidental Groom (Accidental Love Book 1)

by Dana Mason Mac is a radio DJ and a local celebrity, who is a known womaniser and an ex-alcoholic.  He tends to love them and leave them as he won’t get close to anyone. One day while getting a coffee at his local coffee shop he looks through the window and notices a woman… Continue reading Accidental Groom (Accidental Love Book 1)