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Naughty Scott (Love Without Limits Book 1)

by Frankie Love & C M Seabrook

I don’t usually read books that have less than 150 pages, as in the past I’ve found them to be quite lacking, in many different ways. However I quite enjoyed this book even though it was only 60 pages. Will I read anymore of these short read books, probably not, but maybe its a book to read on holiday or at the beach, where you don’t have to concentrate much.

Kier lives in the Highlands of Scotland on his family’s remote farm. He enjoys the simple life and lives in one of the more remote properties on the farm. It doesn’t have any electricity or running water but that’s the way he likes it. He washes in the cold water outside.

That is until one day a woman turns up on his door step with a young baby in her arms. The wee bairn is his sisters baby and the only survivor of an accident. The woman insists that he take the baby as he is the only family the baby has. This puts Kier in to a tailspin, as he doesn’t know how to look after a baby or even have the time, as all of his time is spent tending the farm.

The first thing Kier has to do is go and open up the family’s main farm house, as no one has lived there since his parents passed away. He has to leave the running of the farm to his farm hand until he’s acquired a nanny to look after the bairn.

Elsie is a young inexperienced woman, who along with her friends decided that it would be a good idea to apply to be nanny’s in the U.K. Hoping that they would get to see some of the U.K. whiles there. Unbeknown to Elsie she is sent the most remote place in the Scottish Highlands.

Elise’s first encounter with the rugged highlander, didn’t go quite as she expected, lets just say she made an impression on Kier. Elise has a few other incidents in her first few weeks there, and Kier kept finding himself staying and working closer to the farms house. How long will it take for Elsie and Kier to find their HEA?

This book made me laugh out loud on a few occasions. Like I’ve already said it’s a nice short book, but it’s not really for me.

Pages: 60. Publication Date: 30 May 2019. My Rating:

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