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The Celtic Connection: Kilts Book 4

by Jeanie M Martin

This book was full of surprises for me. It also tackles a very taboo subject that the author has written exquisitely. The way the author portrays depression and suicide it makes me feel as though she has either experienced one or both of these afflictions herself or knows someone who has suffered. As a person who has suffered and continues to suffer with depression I can only praise her for the way she has written this book.

I haven’t read any of the previous books in the Kilts series, but I really don’t think that should worry anyone as I would say that you could class this book as a Stand Alone. If this book is anything to go by I think I have to put the others on to my TBR (To Be Read) List.

The Kilts are an Irish folk band that have been on tour and are due to embark on a weekends retreat. Which all of the band members are looking forward to especially Michael O’Corrain.

Michael needs this retreat, as he needs some down time as he’s got some big decision’s to make about how to take his career forward. Michael’s musical training is in operatic’s, and he’s been given two different options on how to forward his solo career. One option is for him to be the leading man in a new Broadway musical, which will give him instant fame. Except the music isn’t quite right for him. The second option is to sign up with a good agent that will help him launch his solo career, in the type of music he likes to sing. This option will take lots of hard work and time. So which option will he choose?

As the bands private plane lands they are all ushered in to the large hanger to meet the retreat organiser Gus, who will give them tasks that they have to do in an allotted time or they wont win a holiday. Gus is a beautiful petite woman, and Michael is instantly attracted to her, and everyone around them can sense the chemistry between them.

Gus is meant to keep the Kilts off balance all weekend, but it seems that Michael is the one throwing Gus the curve balls instead. Gus does everything that she can to keep her distance from Michael but the pull between them is too much for either of them to resist.

After the weekend of tasks and team building exercises, everyone relocates to a lovely spacious retreat, where the rest of the band members find their wives and children. The only one not to have anyone there for him is Michael, but he ends up spending as much time as he can with Gus. Their relationship seem to be moving fast until Michael puts his foot in it and Gus runs away.

Michael doesn’t understand what he has done to make Gus run but with some guidance from Gus’ best friend Michael is put back on the right track. The only problem is will Gus take him back as the thing he messed up on was, about mental health and suicide which is close to Gus’s heart. Will Michael be able to win Gus back and will Gus open up to Michael?

As I’ve said I really enjoyed this book and the way it tackles mental health and suicide problems. The author has written it so tactfully.

Pages: 255. Publication Date: 6 March 2019. My Rating:

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