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Not Suitable for Work

(Anti-Belle) by Skye McDonald

For people who like a nice steamy romance that’s an easy read. That you can also pick up and put down without forgetting the story line, then this is a book for you.

I found while reading this book the description I have given it above is so true. As I had a lot of interruptions while reading this book. It had just enough sizzle and romance without going over the top.

Celeste Greene has moved back to her home town of Nashville, after her life in New York went so horribly wrong. Her so called boyfriend stabbed her in the back work wise and she lost her job. Then to top it all off he then goes and dumps her.

So finally Celeste thinks things are starting to look up, when she is offered an internship to hire as a web designer. This is just the job she needs to get her life back on track and nothing will stop her or so she thinks.

Except things are never that easy, her first day on the job throws her a huge curve ball. She hasn’t actually got the job!!! The owner of the company also asked someone else to intern, turning the internship to hire into a competition.

Ben Addison is the other intern, he also needs this job just as much as Celeste. As he needs a monthly pay check so he can get his life back on track. He too has had his own spate of bad luck, by taking a chance on the wrong person. That person stole his heart and dashed his hopes of a music career.

So the competition begins!! Celeste is sure that she will have this competition in the bag, and she’ll win with ease, but Ben isn’t going to make things easy for her, as he will also give her a run for her money.

In-spite of this competition both Celeste and Ben find it hard to ignore the unmistakable attraction between them. Except only one of them can walk away victorious, but it’s not just the job at stake anymore it’s also their hearts. Even though Celeste doesn’t see it that way. After all she is the Ice Queen.

Pages: 316, Publication Date: 24 September 2019. My Rating:

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