Book Review, Monthly Roundup

October Round Up.

Well another month is over and it’s time for me to do my October round up. I managed to read 4 books and reviewed 6 books with 2 more reviews to write. 

Again this month I have added a couple of new features, that I hope you will also enjoy reading. I came up with them while I have slowly been compiling my book data for the years end round up and thought why wait till the New Year to start my new additions.

So what are these new additions? The new additions are my favourite book covers out of four categories of books that I download each month.

  1. Book Blitz Covers
  2. Book Blitz Cover Reveals
  3. NetGalley ARC Covers & lastly
  4. BookBud Free Book Covers

Book covers are really important to me as I’m also sure they are to you. If I don’t like the look of the books cover I really tend not to read the book. Once I decide I like the book cover I will then go on to read the synopsis which then helps me decide if I’d like to read the book or not.

October Reviews:

Book One.

Postscript by Cecelia Ahern (Sample Chapters)

Pages: 60. Publication Date: 30 May 2019. My Rating:

My Review: HERE

Book Two.

The Kingdom by Jess Rothernberg

Pages: 352. Publication Date: 11 July 2019. My Rating:

My Review: HERE

Book Three.

Never Have I Ever by Joshilyn Jackson

Pages: 352. Publication Date: 8 August 2019. My Rating:

My Review: HERE

Book Four.

Not Suitable for Work by Skye McDonald

Pages: 316 Publication Date: 24 September 2019. My Rating: 

My Review: HERE

Book Five.

Your Perfect Year by Charlotte Lucas

Pages:439. Publication Date: 1 November 2019. My Rating:

My Review: HERE

Book Six.

Christmas at Rachel’s Pudding Pantry by Caroline Roberts

Pages: 400. Publication Date: 31 October 2019. My Rating:

My Review: HERE

Books Read This Month:

Tags This Month:

  • Adult
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  • Amazon First Reads
  • Amazon kindle
  • Anti-Belle
  • ARC
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  • Teens
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  • The Clockwork Chimera
  • Thriller
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  • Xpresso Tours
  • YA

This Months Acquired Books:

Pre-Ordered Books:
  • Non this month
Amazon First Read:
Amazon Purchases:
Book Blitz ARC’s:
BookBub Free Books:

For a list of all the FREE books Via BookBud please go to Books Acquired via BookBud in October Post.

Book Blitz Posted This Month:

  1. Sugar by Mila Hart
  2. Unintentional Obsession by Layla Stone
  3. Johnny by J A Huss
  4. Marrow Charm by Kristin Jacques
  5. When Love Simply is by Tracey L Dragon
  6. A Baby for Bratva by Chloe Kent
  7. The Memory Thief by Lauren Mansy
  8. S is for Sister by Tara Hart
  9. Corrupted Enchantment by C Penticoff
  10. Tesoro by Nicole Banks
  11. One More Song by C M Seabrook
  12. Winter King by J S Dark
  13. Scorpion Blood by Stephany Wallace & J L Weil
  14. Grayton Beach Dreams by Melissa Chambers
  15. Kingdom of Thorns & Dreams by Various Authors
  16. Winter’s Captive by Elle Madison & Robin D Mahle
  17. The Living Canvas by Pepper Winters
  18. Primal Mate by Tabitha Black
  19. Amber Sky by Cassia Leo
  20. Sealer’s Game by Kathy Coleman
  21. Pirates Curse by Leigh Anderson & Rebecca Hamilton
  22. Masks by Kenzie MacAllan
  23. Storm (Reed Security #18) by Giulia Lagomarisino

Book Blitz Cover Reveals This Month:

  • Perfect by Tricia Copeland
  • Beg for Mercy by Lane Hart
  • Bohannon by Marteeka Karland
  • Off Balance by Aileen Erin
  • Storm by Giulia Lagomarsino
  • The Escape Artist by Kitty Thomas
  • Kingdom of Darkness & Light Boxed Set by Various Authors
  • Dark Faerie by S T Bende
  • The Fire by R J Prescott

This Months Favourite Book Covers:

October’s Favourite Book Blitz Cover
When Love Simply Is
October’s Favourite NetGalley Cover
Christmas at Rachel’s Pudding Pantry
October’s Favourite Cover Reveal
The Kingdom of Crowns & Glory
October’s Favourite BookBub Cover
Shanghai Story


So the reasons for this months favourite book covers for the four different categories are:

When Love Simply Is: I just love this cover as it reminds me of the old b&w films like Casablanca with Humphrey Bogart & Ingrid Bergman (1942). It just portrays that old romantic feel.

The kingdom of Crowns & Glory: I like this cover as it portrays a fantasy world and it reminds me of the girl in the Ivory Tower from the film The Never Ending Story (1984), which I loved when I was a child.

Christmas at Rachel’s Pudding Pantry: Well I didn’t have much of a choice in book covers from NetGalley this month as this is the only book I was offered in October. Never the less it’s quite a quirky cover.

Shanghai Story: This cover again makes me think of older films too and I don’t know if its the name of the book or if it is the cover its self but it also reminds me of Shanghai Surprise with Madonna and Sean Penn (1986)

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