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Never Have I Ever

by Joshilyn Jackson

I don’t really read many Mystery & Thriller books, as when I get to a certain point in the book I can usually guess what the outcome will be. Which ends up spoiling the book for me, but I can honestly say that “Never Have I Ever”, kept me on my toes and it didn’t turn out as I expected. Which was a refreshing change.

Amy Whey has the perfect life with an adoring husband, step daughter and a new born. She lives in a good area and her best friend Charlotte lives close by.

Once a month Amy lets her best friend host her neighbourhood book club at her house as the book club has out grown Charlotte’s space.

One night Roux the new and glamorous neighbour turns up and takes over, plying everyone with wine and organising them all as well. So much so you’d think she was the hostess. As the evening progresses and people start to leave Amy see them and her friend Charlotte out.

On re-entering the room Amy hears something that she shouldn’t about her best friends husband from the women that are still straggling behind. As Roux had started up an adult version of “Never have I ever”. While the other women are carrying on with their drunken conversation Roux zones in on Amy. Taunting her with “Never have I Ever” indicating that she knows something about Amy and her past.

That night Amy finds it hard to sleep, as she starts to worry about her past and that if anyone did find out about her past it would ruin her nice life. Could Roux really have something on her? Surly not?

Amy decides that the best thing she can do is go over to Roux’s the next morning under the guise of “Welcoming” her to the neighbourhood properly.

The next morning Roux had her own plans. She is the one knocking on Amy’s door. Where she makes it obvious that she does know all about Amy’s past and if Amy doesn’t play by her rules she will ruin Amy’s life. Amy has so much to loose, and not only that her step daughter is becoming very close to Roux’s son.

As it turns out Amy isn’t the only one keeping secrets Roux is also keeping secrets. So the games begin. Who’s secret will come out first?

This book has so many twists and turns, you will wonder how it will all end. A great mystery thriller that you just won’t be able to put down.

Pages: 352. Publication Date: 8 August 2019. My Rating:

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