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Amazon First Reads for March 2020

Where do the days go? Every month I'm surprised how quickly we have yet again entered a new month! The weather is still wintry her in the UK, not many snowdrops or daffodils have come up in my garden as yet, but some of my plants that aren't due to start budding until April/May are… Continue reading Amazon First Reads for March 2020

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The House on the Lake

by Nuala Ellwood I don't read many books in the mystery & thriller genre, and I'm glad to say that I was given the opportunity to read and review this book. I enjoyed this book, so much so I know that I could read it again. I don't say that very often about the books… Continue reading The House on the Lake

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Amazon First Reads for February 2020

Well January has come and gone and hopefully we are all out of the so called January blues. The days are slowly getting long and before we know it well be getting read to meet spring, with the snowdrops, and crocuses telling spring is just around the corner. I love spring as it's full of… Continue reading Amazon First Reads for February 2020

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Never Have I Ever

by Joshilyn Jackson I don't really read many Mystery & Thriller books, as when I get to a certain point in the book I can usually guess what the outcome will be. Which ends up spoiling the book for me, but I can honestly say that "Never Have I Ever", kept me on my toes… Continue reading Never Have I Ever

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The Neglected Garden

by Suzanne Winterly This book was such a joy to read making it impossible for me to put it down. I loved the front cover and the description made me want to read it. I hoped that the book would match up to it's front cover and it really did. The book is also a… Continue reading The Neglected Garden