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The Kingdom

by Jess Rothenberg

Wow this book was a brilliant read. In the blurb about The Kingdom it says if you like the TV series West World then you’ll like this book. I really enjoyed West World, but I soon lost interest, but with this book I just couldn’t put it down. I’m also hoping that there will be more books to accompany this one.

Ana is a hybrid human like A.I. called a fantasist. She is one of seven fantasist princesses at The Kingdom ™ Immersive Fantasy Theme Park. Where she and her six sisters are meant to make all of your dreams come true.

She and her sisters have been engineered so that they can interact with all of the guests who enter the Theme Park. They all have life like skin and they have to take supplements to keep their skin healthy. If they cut themselves they bleed just like humans except the colour of the blood is black.

Ana and her sisters aren’t the only hybrid’s at the Theme Park. They have also managed to bring numerous animal back from extinction. The Theme Park is so technically advanced that they have different zones for their hybrid animals. From a desert to a rain forest to a climate controlled ice world.

Not everything at the Theme Park is what it seems. The human visitors, have no idea that some of the hybrids are acting in ways that they shouldn’t and some of them are dying.

Ana has also noticed some changes in a couple of her sisters and herself, she seems to be evolving which is something she shouldn’t be able to do due to her programming. That is until Ana commits a crime and is arrested and taken to trial.

The story is told through Ana’s flashbacks, and post-court transcripts from other witnesses as well as Ana’s interviews. This really made an interesting change, as not many books are written this way. I really couldn’t put this book down and I hope there will be more.

Pages: 352. Publication Date: 11 July 2019. My Rating:

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