Book Review

Accidental Groom (Accidental Love Book 1)

by Dana Mason

Mac is a radio DJ and a local celebrity, who is a known womaniser and an ex-alcoholic.  He tends to love them and leave them as he won’t get close to anyone.

One day while getting a coffee at his local coffee shop he looks through the window and notices a woman sitting at the bus stop.  She is talking on her phone and crying her eyes out.  He is torn about going to her to ask if she’s ok, but he doesn’t want to come off as creepy so does nothing.

The following week he’s back at his local coffee shop hoping that he may see the woman from last week.  After he’s picked up his coffee he turns to survey the shop and notices that the woman is actually sat at a table working on her laptop.  He hurries to the last empty seat near her and tries to strike up a conversation.  As she’s about leave he asks her to go to lunch with him.

Kelley has been having a really tough time of it recently.  She’s doing everything she can to prolong going home.  When she does go home she spends all of her time in her room studying for her finals, in hopes of avoiding her room mate and he ex boyfriend.

Unsure about going to lunch with Mac, Kelley decides to take the risk.  After all he is a celebrity and with people knowing who he is she should be safe enough. Besides anything is better than having to go home.  Mac is surprised to learn that she has no clue to who he is and has never listened to his radio show. She must be the only person in Sacramento who doesn’t know who he is.

While at lunch Mac persuades Kelley to go away with him over the weekend as he’s working at a comedy fest.  While at the comedy fest things get out of hand.  Mac breaks his sobriety and wakes up the next to find that he’s married to Kelley.

What will they do? Get an annulment or stay married?

This is such a fun and enjoyable read with sizzle. I couldn’t put it down.  It’s a HEA that has real issues and believable characters.  I look forward to the next book in the series.

Pages: 227. Publication Date: 2 April 2019. Mt Rating:

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