Book Review

Tuesday’s Book Review

Rush by Faye Byrd

Rush is a troubled soul, searching for constant escapism from his troubled past. He dose this by drinking to excess, taking any type of drugs offered to him and has meaningless sexual encounters with any woman offering herself to him. Just to get those few moments of oblivion these highs give him.

When he’s at one of his lowest points, he breaks in to a veterinarian surgery, to find drugs and to tender his wounds after being jumped in an ally.  Once he breaks in to the veterinary surgery he is unable to stop himself from passing out.  

In walk Alyssa Cole, who owns the surgery.  She’s gone in early to check on a sick pup but discovers an unconscious man covered in blood and passed out on her surgery floor.  When she goes to take a closer look at him, she realises it the same man she saw a few days ago in the ally having sex. 

Intrigued Alyssa decides to help Rush.  Who uses sexual innuendos and outlandish behaviour to hide his true self.  Alyssa is a smart sassy woman who wont stand any of his antics and puts him in his place, even though the sparks between them are just out of control.

This book is hot and sexy, just like its cover.  Its got everything in it that makes a good hot sexy romance book with a good background story and with just enough erotica not to scare off people who don’t like the full blown erotica type of book.  It’s definitely well worth the read, I couldn’t put it down.  It’s the first book in the ‘Men of Rapture’ series and I really cant wait to read the rest.  

 Pages: ?? Publication Date: 20 February 2019. My Rating:

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