Book Review

Communication Skills by Minxie Wells

Kira is a writer and a very competitive scrabble board player.  She only has to win a few more games to make it to the regionals.  In one of these matches she meet Grahame, who throughout the game shows his Dominant side and she wonders if this is the Dom she’s been waiting for.

One of Keira’s friends participates a little in the local BDSM circle, and organises a girls night out to one of the local fetish’s clubs so they can take a closer look at the lifestyle.  This night out was organised as Kiera confided in her friend that she has secretly wanted to be a submissive.  Kira has been doing lots of extensive researching by reading and watching videos on line as she wanted her next novel to be about BDSM.  Whilst at the club she spots Grahame her scrabble opponent confirming the feelings she had about him.  

Kira is then given the opportunity to become Grahame’s submissive, but there is one condition. That if she every utters her safe word, play will stop and she will never see him again.  Needless to say Kira takes him up on his offer.

I only gave this book 2 stars, because to me this is very hardcore BDSM and not very erotic to me either.  I just couldn’t get over the fact that a new sub was treated as though she knew what she was getting into.  There was no build up to her tolerance to pain, no aftercare after a play/scene.  Which makes this Dom a big jerk very irresponsible as well as being very sadistic.  Where Kira was made to doing things she didn’t really want to, in fear of never seeing Grahame again.  The best part for me was the game of scrabble they played the first time she went to his penthouse. 

Pages: 76. Publication Date: 27 January 2019. My Rating:

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