Book Review

The Missing Sister

by Dinah Jefferies

Dinah Jefferies has done it again. There hasn’t been one of her books that I’ve not enjoyed.  Always managing to transport you back to an era long gone. This time to Burma while it was still part of the British empire.  She has such a way in describing Burma that you get a clear picture of it’s culture, history and the country’s beauty.

Belle’s journey starts with the death of her father. In clearing out her fathers possessions she comes across a cutting from an old newspaper, where she discovers that she had an older sister that was taken from the family home in Rangoon Burma.  

Before Belle found out about a missing sister she had already accepted a job as a singer in one of Rangoon’s wealthy hotels.  With the little knowledge she has about her missing sister and the lives of her parents while living in Burma, Belle becomes intrigued to see if she can find out anything about what happened to her family all those years ago.  Taking her on a journey of discovery & betrayal, and not knowing who she can really trust.

The story goes back and forth with Belle’s life in 1930’s Rangoon and her mother’s life in the 1910’s though to 1920’s.

An excellent read as always.

Pages: 320. Publication Date: 21 March 2019. My Rating:

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