Book Review

Yesterday’s World Book Day

Yesterday was World Book Day, and looking back at it today it’s made me wonder have there been any books that stayed with you for a long time after reading them?

For me the two most memorable books are: The State of ME by Nasim Marie Jafrey and Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China by Jung Chang.

I read both of these book in early 2000 and they still have an impact on me even now.  I have recently re-bought both of these book for my Kindle and the tradition books I have of them stand in pride of place in my book case. 

The State of ME: Had a huge impact because it was the first book I read about someone suffering with ME/CFS, which I had recently been diagnosed of having at the time of reading. For the first time I felt as though I wasn’t alone in my suffering of this cruel illness/disease. As we were both struggling with exactly the same symptoms and problems then and still do even to this day. I know I’m not alone. If you know anyone with this cruel illness/disease or has just been diagnosed then you should recommend it to them.

Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China: This book really opened my eyes up to the culture and traditions of China.

Starting with the life of the authors grandmother, and what life was like as a woman growing up with the sword baring war lords and having to abide with the tradition of having her feet bound at the age of two. Having to be meek and mild in manner as was also tradition. To her own father arranging for he to become a concubine for a warlord general.

Then to the author’s mother growing up at the end of the warlords reign to the Japanese taking over China, to the beginning of communism. Taking an active role in the communist movement. with her husband and herself becoming senior officials in Chairman Mao’s communist party.

Then lastly to the authors life growing up and being raised in the privileged circles of China’s communist elite, where she began to question Chairman Mao. How she and her brother were affected with her parents being denounced and tortured, and she herself being exiled. To her leaving China to come to the U.K.

If you have any interest at all in China, their culture and what life was really like under the command of Chairman Mao this is a must read.

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