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2019 Book Roundup

I don't know if other book bloggers or avid readers like to keep track on what they have read, i.e. total books read, total pages etc, but I love my book stats so in June I wrote a short post: Last Six Months Book Stats. So when I started to look back at my blog… Continue reading 2019 Book Roundup

#ReadingChallenge, Book Review, Just for Fun, Reading Challenge

I Need Your HELP!!! ARC Questions & Poll’s

OK so I'm reading another ARC and I'm struggling with it to say the least. Yesterday I managed to read another 20% of the book taking me up to 40% of the book read. Making me wonder what other Book Bloggers do when they struggle with an ARC? So with 60% of the book left… Continue reading I Need Your HELP!!! ARC Questions & Poll’s

#ReadingChallenge, Book Review, Reading Challenge

Last Six Month Book Stats

As you probably remember that I love stats and that I posted a blog Books, Books and More Books the other month giving all different stats on the books I've read over the last few years. So I decided to take a quick look at the last six months and see what my stats reveal… Continue reading Last Six Month Book Stats

Book Review

The Bluebird Girls

(The Bluebird Girls Book 1) by Rosie Archer This is a lovely book. I have never read anything by Rosie Archer before and I'm sure I'll read more of them in the future. Especially the next book in this series. Rainey Bird and her mother Jo, are trying to establish a new life for themselves… Continue reading The Bluebird Girls