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Last Six Month Book Stats

As you probably remember that I love stats and that I posted a blog Books, Books and More Books the other month giving all different stats on the books I’ve read over the last few years. So I decided to take a quick look at the last six months and see what my stats reveal about my reading and ratings.

2 Books Rated:

3 Books Rated:

2 Books Rated:

6 Books Rated:

26 Books Rated:

I guess the 39 books that I have read so far this year isn’t to bad but I hoped it had been more. May’s reading didn’t go as I hoped but hopefully I’ll get a chance to catch up over the summer months. As last year I did manage to read 26 books and that would go a long way towards my 2019 Reading Challenge.

*** Keep your fingers crossed for me that I don’t have any more slumps this year. ***

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