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The Other Half of Augusta Hope

By Joanna Glen I really didn't enjoy this book at all. It has taken me days to read it. The only reason I didn't give up on the book was because it was an ARC and I agreed to write a review. Which I couldn't do if I gave up on it. Secondly I kept… Continue reading The Other Half of Augusta Hope

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One Last Greek Summer

by Mandy Baggot This book was just like going down memory lane for me. As I have been to Kavos in Corfu when I was in my early 20's and had a holiday romance. But unlike our main character I have never been back. The Author has described the Greek Island so well I felt… Continue reading One Last Greek Summer

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I Need Your HELP!!! ARC Questions & Poll’s

OK so I'm reading another ARC and I'm struggling with it to say the least. Yesterday I managed to read another 20% of the book taking me up to 40% of the book read. Making me wonder what other Book Bloggers do when they struggle with an ARC? So with 60% of the book left… Continue reading I Need Your HELP!!! ARC Questions & Poll’s

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Awakened by Moni Boyce

Awakened Moni Boyce (The Oracle Chronicles, #1) Publication date: July 9th 2019 Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance Secret lineage, a ruthless vampire, and forbidden love. Willow Stevens dreams of stardom are eclipsed by the real nightmares of a sinister man haunting her dreams. Unbeknownst to her, Eli Walker, her hot but snobbish co-worker, may know the… Continue reading Awakened by Moni Boyce

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Chance By Gilliam’s Lagomarsino

Chance: Book 3 of a 3 book arc Giulia Lagomarsino (Reed Security, #15) Publication date: July 8th 2019 Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance Chance is book 15 in the Reed Security Series and should be read in order. It is also part of a 3 book arc. Sniper and Jackson need to be read first. Chance… Continue reading Chance By Gilliam’s Lagomarsino

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Someone Else’s Fairytale

by E M Tippetts This is a really lovely Chic Lit book with a HEA (Happy Ever After). If you don't like Chic Lit this book isn't for you. Also if you like books with sex scenes you won't find any in this book as the main character keeps her chastity. Chloe Winters is a… Continue reading Someone Else’s Fairytale

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Random Book of the Month July’s Reveal

Thank you for popping by to see what Random Book of the Month I pick out of the Jar of Books.  As always on the 6th day of each month. This month I only had to pull out one book, as I haven't read it. Once found out which book I pulled out I went… Continue reading Random Book of the Month July’s Reveal

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The Celtic Connection: Kilts Book 4

by Jeanie M Martin This book was full of surprises for me. It also tackles a very taboo subject that the author has written exquisitely. The way the author portrays depression and suicide it makes me feel as though she has either experienced one or both of these afflictions herself or knows someone who has… Continue reading The Celtic Connection: Kilts Book 4

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Naughty Scott (Love Without Limits Book 1)

by Frankie Love & C M Seabrook I don't usually read books that have less than 150 pages, as in the past I've found them to be quite lacking, in many different ways. However I quite enjoyed this book even though it was only 60 pages. Will I read anymore of these short read books,… Continue reading Naughty Scott (Love Without Limits Book 1)