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The Other Half of Augusta Hope

By Joanna Glen

I really didn’t enjoy this book at all. It has taken me days to read it. The only reason I didn’t give up on the book was because it was an ARC and I agreed to write a review. Which I couldn’t do if I gave up on it. Secondly I kept hoping that the book would improve, unfortunately that didn’t happen for me.

Augusta Hope is the youngest twin and born the day after her sister Julia. Augusta always feels as though she is the odd one out in her family.

She surrounds herself with words, and by the age of six she starts to memorise the dictionary. She seems to get something from the words that she just doesn’t get from her family. She also seems to end up alienating her family with her smart mouth and big words. Which her mother and father seem to look down on.

One day she is looking at a globe of the world and she comes across Burundi. She likes the way Burundi sounds when she says it, and from that day on she is obsessed with anything she can find out about the country. So much so that she drives her sister Julia mad with all of the facts.

Once Augusta starts high school she also becomes obsessed with learning Spanish and Latin. When she and her sister are 14 the family goes on a holiday to Spain, where they stay at the holiday home of one of their neighbours.

Something happens on the last day of their holiday but Augusta can’t get any information out of her family. As she wasn’t with them when they went out for a early morning breakfast on the beach she decided she wanted to stay in the villa. Augusta always knew something had happened as her sister Julia was changed forever.

When tragedy strikes their family years later, things come to ahead and Augusta finally finds out what had been troubling her sister since the family holiday in Spain.

Augusta ends up going back to Spain as she can no longer stand to live at home with her parents, after all of the tragedies. This is where she meet Parfait and finally her life seems to make sense, and for the first time she feels at home and happy.

Parfait is from Burundi and all he has ever know is the cruel world he has grown up in. Burundi is constantly at war and he sees most of his family murdered or brutally attacked. He become friends this their local priest at the missionary who was originally from Spain. The priest tells Parfait about his country and teaches him to speak Spanish.

When Parfait is a bit older he and his younger brother walk all the way from Burundi to Morocco. When they get to Morocco they meet up with another missionary who will help they get to Spain, but Parfait and his brother are sure that the missionary wants them to go back to Burundi, so in the middle of the night they sneak out and steal a boat. But tragedy strikes Parfait’s life again, which he hopes he will be able to slowly rebuild in Spain.

The majority of this book is about Augusta and Parfait’s childhood up until they both meet up in Spain as adults.

Unfortunately I can only give this book one star, as it just wasn’t for me and I didn’t enjoy it.

Pages: 384. Publication Date: 13 June 2019. My Rating:

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