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Books Acquired Via BookBub in July

Well yet again I’ve managed to download more free books via BookBud, at this rate I’ll never reach the end of my TBR (To Be Read) list on GoodReads. Don’t forget that my TBR on GoodReads doesn’t include any of my ARC (Advanced Readers Copy) books.

Well I only ha only 27 Free books. So my TBR on GoodReads is now up to are you ready for this??? Haha a grand total of…… 1228 BOOKS!!!!

So if your wondering what Free books I acquired last month I’ve listed them all below:

  1. Game Saver by B J Harvey
  2. The Daemoniac (Gaslamp Gothic Book 1) by Kat Ross
  3. Flying by the Seat of my Knickers Book 1 by Eliza Watson
  4. Bound by Duty (Bound Series Book 1) by Stormy Smith
  5. Tall, Tatted and Tempting (Reed Brothers Book 1) by Tammy Falkner
  6. Immortal Coil (A Dragon Spirit Novel Book 1) by C I Black
  7. Summer of Change (The Springs Book 1) by Elena Aitken
  8. The Djinn Wars: Book 1-3 by Christine Pope
  9. You Make Me (Blurred Lines Book 1) by Erin McCarthy
  10. Unplugged (Book 1) by Sigal Ehrlich
  11. Legal Affairs: McKayla’s Story by Sawyer Bennett
  12. Wolves of Wisteria (Book 1) by Angela Pepper
  13. Lovestruck: A Romantic Comedy by Lila Monroe
  14. Miss Mable’s School for Girls (The Network Series Book 1) by Katie Cross
  15. Truth and Treachery (Black Shamrocks MC) by Kylie Hillman
  16. No Light (Werelock Evolution Book 4) by Hettie Ivers
  17. Claiming Mine (Unforgiven Riders MC Book 1) by Amy Davies
  18. Murder in Cherry Hills (Cozy Cat Caper Mystery Book 1) by Paige Sleuth
  19. Bound by Family (Ravage MC Bound Series Book 1) by Ryan Michele
  20. Falling for the Bad Boy: Am Enemies to Lovers Rom Com by Kennedy Fox
  21. Checkmate: This is War (Travis & Viola Book 1) by Kennedy Fox
  22. Best Friends and Other Liars by Heather Balog
  23. A Demon and His Witch (Welcome to Hell Book 1) by Eve Langlais
  24. Eye of the Beholder by Nana Malone
  25. Brie’s Submission (The Brie Collection 1-3) by Red Phoenix
  26. Men of Steel Anthology: Steel Brother – A Family Affair by M J Fields
  27. Fractured Farrells Box Set: A Damaged Billionaire Series 1-3 by Mallory Crowe

So if you love books like I do it’s well worth joining BookBud. Whats stopping you it’s a great way to save the pennies and its Free to join.

I’m now wondering how many more books I’ll end up downloading in July. I think I really need to try and curb my downloads for the next couple of weeks, err maybe months, so I can get a few more books read. Who am I kidding you all know that I’ll still carry on downloading the free books.

*** Let me know if your a member of Bookbud or if you’ve downloaded any of the books I have. ***

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