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One Last Greek Summer

by Mandy Baggot

This book was just like going down memory lane for me. As I have been to Kavos in Corfu when I was in my early 20’s and had a holiday romance. But unlike our main character I have never been back.

The Author has described the Greek Island so well I felt as though I was there with them, enjoying the sun, sea, food and drink. It’s a great read not just for the summer as it would definitely chase away anyone’s winter blues. This book also had me laughing out loud so much.

Beth’s divorce has just been finalised. So while the boss is out of the office for the rest of the day Heidi, Beth’s best friend organises an impromptu divorce party for the office. Using some of the good office champagne, when in walks the boss Charles Mountbatten CEO and Beth’s now Ex Husband. Needless to say the party stopped abruptly as it started and everyone got back to work.

Heidi, manages to persuade Beth to go on one last Greek holiday, back to the same resort that they had been to 10 years earlier when they were both 21. So they basically took up the theme that they would do what they did when they were 21 and not what they would do at the ripe old age of 31.

Beth is a bit reluctant to do certain things, until Heidi reminds her we’re 21 not 31 on this holiday. That they need to enjoy themselves and make the most of this holiday just like they did when they were younger, as all to soon they’d be back to their usual lives.

When a handy man comes to fix the villa they are staying in, they are both in for a shock. As the handy man turns out be non other than Alex (Lex) who Beth had a holiday romance with 10 years ago. Thing start to go well between them, and they both decide that what happens between them is just another summer romance with no strings attached. Seeing that Beth has just become single again.

Not long in to their holiday Beth’s ex husband turns up, putting a spanner in the works not only for the girls holiday but for Beth’s holiday romance. Heidi and Beth do everything they can to get rid of Charles, they even go on a gruelling hike in the hope that he wont go with them. Except he becomes determined to go with them, which he suffers for later in the day.

Beth knows that she needs to sit down with Charles, and tell him that they will never get back together as she doesn’t love him and that she only married him when she did in hope that his money could help her mother with health treatment that she can only get privately.

At the beginning of the book Beth really doesn’t stand up for herself, but with Heidi’s help in making Beth do things that she doesn’t feel comfortable with during their holiday she starts to fight for what she wants.

This book is so funny, and I love the Goat Racing. I won’t say anymore about this as you need to read the book for yourself to get the benefit out of it.

Even though I have heard of Mandy Baggot, this is the first book of her’s that I have read, and it certainly wont be the last! This is a funny, laugh out loud, feel good book that I’m sure you’ll want to read again. As I know I could quite easily read it again.

Pages: ??? Publication Date: 6 June 2019. My Rating:

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