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I Need Your HELP!!! ARC Questions & Poll’s

OK so I’m reading another ARC and I’m struggling with it to say the least. Yesterday I managed to read another 20% of the book taking me up to 40% of the book read. Making me wonder what other Book Bloggers do when they struggle with an ARC?

So with 60% of the book left to read which should take me 5 hours and 49 minutes to read according to my Kindle. Which in all honesty will take me even longer to read as I tend to do anything I can to not carry on reading a book. Like writing this blog!!!

I’m also concerned that this will affect my feed back ratio and that other publishers wont want me to review any more books, as I’ve been trying to read and review my ARC’s as quickly as possible to get my feed back ratio up so more publishers will let me have more ARC’s.

Please let me know what your opinions are on this subject as I feel as though I’m wasting my time and energy trying to read and review a book I’m not enjoying.

7 thoughts on “I Need Your HELP!!! ARC Questions & Poll’s”

  1. This is just me personally, but I always finish my ARCs because I feel an obligation to do so since I requested the book. I do write honest reviews though. So if I disliked the book I absolutely say so in my review.

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      1. It really is your decision. I read reviews on NetGalley a lot where people say they couldn’t finish the book for one reason or another. Folks definitely do it, I just have no idea if it has an impact on future approvals.

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      2. In all of the years I’ve been reading I have only give up on 3 books because it was stopping me from reading. I don’t really like to give up on any book I’m reading.

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      3. I have a problem with not finishing books, too. I keep hoping they will get better… they usually don’t. I’m reading one now that I am just not getting into. I have put it aside for now but I will probably try again in a few days. I think I just need a break from it for a bit.

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