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2019 Book Roundup

I don’t know if other book bloggers or avid readers like to keep track on what they have read, i.e. total books read, total pages etc, but I love my book stats so in June I wrote a short post: Last Six Months Book Stats. So when I started to look back at my blog and how it has evolved over the last 12 months since I started blogging more regularly, I came up with the following lists and information for the books I’ve read during 2019. Also if you look at the end of this post you will find more information about the books I’ve read on GoodReads.

2019 Basic Book Stats:

  • Total Books Read: 80 Books
  • Total Books Given Up: 1 Island Fever by Jeremy DCP
  • Total Pages Read: 22,285 Pages (Not including books given up on).
  • Longest Book: 1,170 Pages The Healer Series by C J Anaya
  • Shortest Book: 60 Pages Naughty Scott by Frankie Love
  • Oldest Book: Originally Published in 1900 A Very Naughty Girl by L T Meade
  • Newest Book: To be Published 20 February 2020 Dear Edward by Ann Napolitano

2019 Book Ratings:

Total 3 Books Rated:

Total 4 Books Rated:

Total 4 Books Rated:

Total 17 Books Rated:

Total 52 Books Rated:

2019 Total ARC Books:

NetGalley Books Acquired & Reviewed:

  • Total Books Acquired: 61
  • Total Books Read: 34
  • Total Books Left to Read: 27
  • Total Books Reviewed: 32 (2 books to finish writing up)

Book Blitz ARC’s Acquired & Reviewed:

  • Total Books Acquired: 29
  • Total Books Read: 8
  • Total Books Left to Read: 21
  • Total Books Reviewed: 3 (5 books to finish writing up)

2019 Total Free Books:

BookBub Free Books Acquired & Reviewed:

  • Total Books Acquired: 221 (I only started to note my Free BookBub books from April 2019)
  • Total Books Read: 9 (I’ve spent time reading other books from my TBR and ARC’s)
  • Total Books Left to Read: 213
  • Total Books Reviewed: 6 (3 books to finish writing up)

2019 Book Blitz Posts:

Book Blitz & Cover Reveal Posts:

Book Blitz
  • Total in January: 0
  • Total in February: 0
  • Total in March: 0
  • Total in April: 2
  • Total in May: 4
  • Total in June: 1
  • Total in July: 2
  • Total in August: 4
  • Total in September: 15
  • Total in October: 24
  • Total in November: 13
  • Total in December: 15
Cover Reveal
  • Total in January: 0
  • Total in February: 0
  • Total in March: 0
  • Total in April: 1
  • Total in May: 0
  • Total in June: 0
  • Total in July: 0
  • Total in August: 0
  • Total in September: 3
  • Total in October: 9
  • Total in November: 2
  • Total in December: 8

2019 Favourite Book Covers:

Favourite Book Blitz Cover for 2019

This book cover has already been on of my favourite so and it’s still down to the West Highland White Terrier.

Favourite Amazon First Read Cover 2019

I chose this cover as I love scifi and it piques my imagination.

Favourite General Book Cover for 2019

Well I just had to choose this cover, as who wouldn’t love to be with a guy like this? Say no more.

Favourite Cover Reveal Cover for 2019

I love fantasy covers and I liked this one the most out of all the cover reveals, I think its also down to the colours on the cover.

Favourite NetGally Cover for 2019

I chose this cover as I’m fascinated by this era the clothes and the end of the British Empire.

Favourite Random Book of the Month Cover for 2019

I know this is a rather plain cover but I just love the text/script style of the title.

Favourite Overall Book Cover From All Books Read in 2019:

What’s not to like about this book cover. I love the colours, it’s got cupcakes and the view beyond the window just makes me think of summer days at the beach.

Favourite Book I Read in 2019:

My favourite book or I should say books of 2019 are: The Kings of Mayhem MC Series by Penny Dee. This series of books stand out and are far more memorable than the other books I read this year. I can’t wait to read the 5th book in the series which was released in December.

Kings of Mayhem MC Book Reviews:


To check out all of the books I’ve read this year and what I rated them please go to My Year in Books.

*** I hope like me you have enjoyed looking back at my 2019 reading journey and my book stats, and to see how well I do in 2020’s reading journey. ***

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