Book Review

Hell on Wheels

Kings of Mayhem M.C. Book Four by Penny Dee

As you all know I just love M.C. books and Penny Dee’s Kings of Mayhem Series is one of my favourite series. If you have read any of the Kings of Mayhem books then you really must read this book as well. Every new book Penny Dee brings out in this series becomes my favourite, and already I can’t wait for the next instalment!

This time the story is all about Chance the eldest of the Calley Brothers. He was a Navy Seal but he came back a broken man. His body is scarred as well as his mind. He’s finally back home with his family, but he’s not in a good place he thinks he’s a beast inside and out. No matter how much his family and the Kings of Mayhem support him.

That is until one day he’s out with his brothers and hears the voice of an angle. Then he gets a glimpse of the busker and he is hooked. With the sun shining on her blond hair it makes her appear as an angel as well as her angelic voice.

Ever the vigilante one, Chance notices a young lad eyeing up the hat that people are putting money into. So before anyone else has time to react Chance is chasing the thief. As he confronts the young thief, he finds it hard to control his rage and anger, but that voice! That voice of an angel stops him in his tracks.

Cassidy the busker, runs after both them to find a big scary biker has cornered the thief. She can feel the anger and rage resonating off of the scary biker, and that he is about to strike out at the young thief. She calls out to him, which stops him in his tracks, giving the thief just enough time to run off minus the money.

Before Cassidy knows it Chance is offering her to play a gig at the King of Mayhem’s Club House that night, as their usual band have let them down at the last minute. Cassidy is very reluctant to take him up on his offer as her knowledge of biker gangs isn’t good. But can she really afford to turn down $200 to sing 3 songs? With that amount of money she and her best friend can skip town and be somewhere new tomorrow.

Cassidy decides to take a chance and takes up Chance’s offer of the gig. Once she get on stage and starts to sing there is no stopping her, so much for just 3 songs. The Kings of Mayhem and their guests just love her, and she carries on singing for them. For once she is really enjoying herself. That is until she get home to her best friend.

When she gets home she notices that her best friends brother seems to be in the money and bringing home expensive items. So she questions her best friend and because of this her best friend kicks her out, for asking too many questions.

It turns out that her best friends brother has betrayed Cassidy and has told the devil (she’s been running from for the last couple of years) exactly where he can find her. Has Cassidy got enough time to run, or can Chance persuade her to stay, as he and his brothers will protect her?

After all she is running from the Devil himself….

Pages: 229. Publication Date: 27 June 2019. My Rating:

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