Book Review, Monthly Roundup

September Round Up.

This September I managed to read 4 books and reviewed 3 books with 5 more reviews to write.  Again this month I’ve had different things stopping me from reading and writing my blog, so I hope I can catch up with everything in October. So wish me luck in catching up as I’m really getting behind.

If I don’t read more books I won’t finish my GoodReads Reading Challenge of 80 books in 2019. I have read 57 books so far this year and I need to read another 23 at least to make it to 80, but I would like to get nearer to last years (2018’s) record of 118 books read.

This month I’ve added a couple of new features to my monthly round up. Books read this month and Book blitz posted this month. I hope you find the new features interesting.

September Reviews:

Book One.

An Unsuitable Woman by Kat Gordon

Pages: 368. Publication Date: 31 May 2019. My Rating:

My Review: HERE

Book Two.

Hell on Wheels (Kings of Mayhem Book Four) by Penny Dee

Pages: 229. Publication Date: 27 June 2019. My Rating:

My Review: HERE

Book Three.

Ruthless King (Mount Trilogy Book One) by Meghan March

Pages: 252. Publication Date: 17 October 2017. My Rating:

My Review: HERE

Books Read This Month:

Tags This Month:

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Recently Acquired Books This Month

Pre-Ordered Books:
Amazon First Read:
Amazon Purchases:
Book Blitz ARC’s
BookBud Free Books:

For a list of all the FREE books Via BookBud please go to Books Acquired via BookBud in September Post.

Book Blitz Posted This Month:

  • Submitting to Two Doms by B J Wane
  • Good Grief by Vera Elle Unita
  • Merged by Jim Kroepfl & Stephanie Kroepfl
  • Accidental Rebel by Nicole Snow
  • Chasing Fireflies by Claudia Y Burgoa
  • B & E Ever After by Linda Kage
  • Twisted Fates by Kitty Thomas
  • Academy of Littles Collection by Allison West
  • The Silk Merchants Daughter by Dinah Jefferies
  • Fate of Imperium Books 1-3 by C A Worley
  • Angel Bound & Beholder Special Edition Box Set by Christina Bauer
  • Alec (Reed Security Book 15) by Giulia Lagomarsino
  • Not Suitable for Work Book 1 by Skye McDonald
  • Past This Point by Nicole Mabry
  • Cabin 1 (Steel Shadow’s Security) by Amanda McKinney
  • To Kill a Fae (The Dragon Portal Series Book 1) by Jamie A Waters

Book Blitz Cover Reveal:

  • Wire by Harley Wylde
  • A Perfect Mistake by Laura Brown
  • Mass Hysteria by Dawn Brazil

*** Let me know if you think I should add anything to my monthly round up to make it more enjoyable for you to read. ***

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