Book Review

Ruthless King

Mount Trilogy Book 1 by Meghan Morgan

I haven’t yet read a book by Meghan March that I haven’t loved reading. Somehow you always end up falling in love with her characters. Even if they are an Anti Hero.

Lochlan Mount is the King of New Orleans. He knows exactly whats happening in his domain and he rules it with an iron fist. He is known as a mean son of a bitch. He gets everything he wants and he doesn’t care who he has to kill or go through to get it.

Keira Kilgore has lived a good and sheltered life and now she has finally taken over her family’s business/legacy Seven Sinners Distillery. Which she has big plans for that her father wouldn’t allow her to do when he was still in charge.

One evening when Keira is working late and is walking back to her office, which is in the basement of the distillery. She senses that something is off, as she walks in to the office. A deep voice tells her to shut the door behind her. She recognises the voice as the one her dead husband was arguing with before he died. As she turns towards the door her desk lamp is switched on bathing her desk in light, but she can’t see the mans face as he has stood up.

The stranger is her office turns out to be non other than Lochlan Mount. He then goes on to tell her, that her dead husband had taken out a large loan against her distillery. That with him now being deceased his debt now becomes her debt. Not only is the debt being passed on to Keira, she is being given 7 days in which to pay it off.

Over the next 7 days Keira keeps finding copies of the agreement made by her dead husband, with the days counting down until the deadline. Along with photo’s of her family and friends. Showing her that he knows everything about her, and that he can get to her anywhere.

Keira goes to her best friend for help as she hasn’t got the kind of money that Lochlan Mount wants her to pay off. Plus the distillery is still in financial trouble. Her friend says she could come up with some of the money but it still falls short of the amount that is needed.

However Lochlan Mount has his own perfect solution for Keira’s predicament. He wants her as his sex toy/play thing and for her to be available to him any time he wants. Meaning that she has to also stay at his secret compound. Keira reluctantly signs the agreement but she wont let him take her so easily, she will fight him all the way.

Keira doesn’t know that Lochlan Mount doesn’t care about the money, he just wants her as she is the only person that tells him straight and stands up to him. Which he finds refreshing.

One night she manages to escape Lochlan Mounts compound, as they forgot to lock her in her rooms. Once she gets outside on the street she realises that his compound is actually a full block in a familiar part of the French Quarter.

The only place Keira can escape to is her apartment. So she flags down a taxi, and keeps looking over her shoulder all the way. She’s expecting Mount or one of his goons to turn up and take her back. Once she enters her apartment and locks the door behind her. She looks around to see if anyone has been there, but everything looks exactly as she left it. That is until she goes in to her bedroom where makes two unnerving discoveries. She makes the third discovery when she goes to see who is knocking at her door. This discovery proves to be too much and she blacks out.

Who was it at Keira’s apartment door that made her blackout? Well I’m not going to tell you, as you’ll just have to read the book to find out for yourself.

Pages: 252. Publication Date: 17 October 2017. My Rating:

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