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Biker Baby

Kings of Mayhem M.C. Book Three by Penny Dee

I received this book as as ARC (Advanced Readers Copy) from NetGalley, and because it was book three in the series I decided to purchase books one and two. I really enjoyed the first two, but I have to say that so far book three “Biker Baby” is the best by far. You don’t need to read the first 2 books as this can be classed as a stand alone book.

Meet Honey Scott, the other woman!! She didn’t know that she was the other woman as she’d been seeing Charlie for a couple of years. Until she walked in on him having sex with his longtime girlfriend.

After the week from hell, she had to get Charlie out of her system. The only way she could do that was by being under someone else. That someone was Caleb Calley, full of tattoos and muscles and one of the members of The Kings of Mayhem.

Honey and Caleb had a night full of sexual ecstasy, and there was definitely chemistry between them. Honey refused to give him her name, and she didn’t want to know his either hoping to keep the night mysterious.

After Caleb’s encounter with the mysterious woman, he still couldn’t get her out of his mind. This was a first for Caleb as he was a love them and leave them type of guy, who never even kissed the women he was with. What was it about this woman that made him break all of his rules?

Three pregnancy tests later and a meltdown with her best friend Autumn. Honey had no choice but to admit she was definitely pregnant and it certainly wasn’t Charlie’s it was the man from the one night stand. She knew that she’d have to tell him, just so he knew he was going to be a father. Honey was prepared to go through the pregnancy all on her own. As she knew with her unhappy childhood she was strong enough to do so.

Autumn went with Honey to the Kings of Mayhem’s clubhouse, as that was the only way to find out the name of baby daddy. They managed to blag their way in by saying that they were the entertainment. On walking up to the bar Autumn meets Maverik he offers them a drink and feeling like a spare part Honey decides she need to go to the restroom. Walking down a dark corridor she found the restroom and composed herself, she could do this she had to find him and tell him.

On leaving the restroom Honey was spotted by Caleb, Mr One Night Stand. Guess what Honey didn’t tell Caleb about the baby they ended up having more mind blowing sex. This happened on another couple of occasions as something else always seemed to get in the way of her telling him, mainly sex.

So will Honey finally tell Caleb about the baby? Will he support her or will he just walk? Will they both overcome the obstacles that keep being put in their way? Well you’ll just have to read the book yourself to find out.

This book is for over 18’s as it’s full on hot steamy sex, with an equally hot and sexy muscled tattooed biker. If you like books with a lot of hot sex scenes in it then this book is for you. This book is more about Honey and Caleb and not so much about The Kings of Mayhem as the first two books, but it’s a great read.

I can’t wait for Book Four in The Kings Of Mayhem M.C. series. As I’m sure it’ll be just as good as the rest.

Pages: ??? Publication Date: 19 April 2019. My Rating:

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