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It’s All About The Nails

This week instead of getting any crafting goodies it was all about the Nails. I had two emails earlier in week the, with such good offers I just couldn’t refuse.

Email offer one was a free gift from NailsInc if I bought a full price nail varnish. Who can resist an offer like that?? Well I can’t, when it comes to things I like I have no resistance it just keeps calling to me. Buy me, BUY ME!!!

Email offer two was from MoYou, nail stamping plates at £1 as the stamping plates usually start at £6.99. I bought some £1 stamping plates and some that were a little bit more expensive but they were in the clearance sale. Yet again I couldn’t resist a bargain.

After all of my nail goodies arrived I decided to change my nails again, and I’m going to be changing them again later today. I know I know I change my nails every 3-4 days. As soon as I see any wear or the slightest chip I just have to take it all off and start again. It maybe a bit obsessive changing my nails as often as I do. The other good thing about changing my nails is that its the only time I keep still, and catch up on my TV favourites or films. If I do anything else I’ll make a mess of my nails and have to start again, and that’s so frustrating. I think part of it is down to being a Virgo and Virgo’s are perfectionists.

So below you can see my efforts. I’m still getting used to using the stamping plates and sometimes it’s a bit hit and miss, but I’m determined to get better at it. Yes the Virgo perfectionist kicks in again!!!

I used MoYou Suki plate No: 11. Ring finger Varnish is : Molten My Day Holler Graphic by Nailsinc. For the rest of my nails I used “Woke Up In Wonderland” by Nailsinc this was part of a collection made especially for QVCUK. So I don’t know if its still available. The Varnish I used for stamping was MoYou LadyGold Pink.

So tell me do you like nail art or just like painting your nails lots of different colours. Then show me your designs, your favourite varnish company or any good nail artists to follow on YouTube or Instargram.

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