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Kings of Mayhem

Kings of Mayhem M.C. Book One by Penny Dee

This book is all about Indy (Indigo Blue Parish) and Cade Calley. They met at the of age 5 when Indy’s parents moved in next door to the Calley family. Both parents already know each other as both men are members of the Kings of Mayhem M.C. and the sons of the founding fathers.

The M.C. was formed after both grandfathers returned from Vietnam. When they formed the M.C. they wanted it to be a legit club. No drugs, no guns and women were to be worshipped not enslaved. The drugs and gun rules were put in place because of all the bad things they had seen and witnessed in Vietnam.

So Cade and Indy were brought up in the M.C. lifestyle. and were classed as the prince and princess of the M. C. Everyone knew that it was inevitable that the two of them would be more than best friends.

They planned out their lives together once they finished high school they would leave and go to college together in Seattle. Get married and have a family, but Cade’s father didn’t want his son going away to college so he set his son up. Got him so drunk by spiking his drinks all night that he ended up in bed with one of the clubs whore’s. Knowing full well that Indy would walk in on them. Which she did. The very next day they were mean to leave for collage together but Indy left on her own. Never to step foot in her home town for next 12 years.

Indy now a qualified emergency doctor has no choice but to go back home as her father has died. She thinks she’ll just be in and out of her home town and back to her happy life in Seattle. What she doesn’t expect is for her past to come crashing around her and her feelings for Cade to become stronger. Will Cade and Indy finally put the past to rest and start again?

I really enjoyed this book and have gone straight on to read book two. This has all of the M.C. biker vibe but it also so has normal everyday events going on in it making it more believable. It’s like Sons of Anarchy with a bit more of a feel good factor to it. I bought the first two book as I have received book three free via NetGalley if I give my honest opinion on the book. I don’t really like starting books in the middle of a series, and with it being one of my favourite genres I threw caution to the wind and bought them. I hope that books two and three are just as enjoyable.

***Pages: 301. Publication Date: 28 January 2019. My Rating: ***

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