Book Review

Possession. Permission.

(Book Two and Book Three in the Perversion Trilogy) by T. M. Frazier

I decided it was best to write a joint review on both of these books seeing I’ve read them both in just over a day and they are the last two in the Trilogy.


After such a good ending to book one I expected book two to be just as good. But I found it a bit slow at first. Even though it continued as though it was the next chapter in the book. However yet again it did get better.

Emma Jean aka Tricks has been sent to Belly’s funeral as Marco’s representative for the Los Muertos. Unbeknownst to Tricks, Marco is testing her loyalty to him as he is having her every move watched. Tricks sneaks out the back door of the wake/party for Belly and goes to find some peace and quiet in a more secluded area. She isn’t on her own for long when Grim finds her, they talk for a little while but they can’t hold their passion for each other a bay and they have a hot and steamy tryst. With Grim popping her cherry, as she wants him and only him to be here first, last and forever.

After Grim has left Tricks she thinks he’s come back for her but it’s Marco. He knocks her out and when she comes too, she is tied to a bed. Marco continually beats and rapes her. Every time Marco rapes her she detaches her mind from what’s happening to her body.

For Grim all hell is breaking loose he and his family have been set up and arrested on some trumped up charge. Will he get out in time to save Tricks?


This final book in the trilogy started off with the same fast pace that book two ended with. All of the books in this trilogy are dark and gritty. With abuse and the rape of women, violence and gang wars. With some hot and sexy love scenes between the people who really love each other no matter what their past.

I really don’t want to give much away about this book as it’s got so much packed into it. The basics are that Bedlam Brotherhood and Los Muertos go to war. Which is bloody battle affecting everyone who lives in the area. Los Muertos don’t care who they kill they just want to take over everything and have complete control.

Tricks escapes her abusers but she isn’t the same girl, her eyes are glazed and she is unresponsive to Grim’s love and care. Can he bring her back?

Luckily for Grim and his Bedlam brotherhood members they don’t have to fight this war alone. They get help from the Irish, the Immortal Kings and Chief David from the reservation.

Like I’ve already said there is so much going on in this book, that if I tell you more I will spoil the story. You really need to read this trilogy for yourself to understand this review.

I enjoyed all of the books, but these books aren’t for the faint hearted. They are very very dark at times but also very steamy where Grim and Tricks are together. I really can’t do the trilogy justice as I can’t translate my thoughts in to words. If this is the type of book you enjoy then you must read it.


Pages: 206. publication Date: 13 November 2018. My Rating:


Pages: 310. Publication Date: 11 December 2018. My Rating:

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