Book Review

The Bluebird Girls

(The Bluebird Girls Book 1) by Rosie Archer

This is a lovely book. I have never read anything by Rosie Archer before and I’m sure I’ll read more of them in the future. Especially the next book in this series.

Rainey Bird and her mother Jo, are trying to establish a new life for themselves after doing a midnight flit from the home they shared with her abusive farther. In making a new start for themselves they are invited to join a local choir that is connected to Rainey’s school. By the choirs strict leader Mrs Wilkes.

There they meet and make new friends and Mrs Wilkes puts Rainey together with two other girls called Ivy Sparrow who she already knows from school and Bea Herron, who is a couple of years older. The girls get on well together and Mrs Wilkes knows that they will make a formidable trio. Everyone enjoys their Wednesday evening singing in the choir as its something to look forward to.

Just as things seem to be going smoothly war breaks out and all the theatres are closed down. Meaning the choirs only chance to preform will either be in a local pantomime or in a charity show.

In the mean time Rainey’s farther Alfie has died in the war by sacrificing himself. Just before he sacrificed himself he left a photograph of his daughter and some letter asking the other man to find his daughter who sings like and angel. This stranger get injured on the beaches of Dunkirk so his mission to find Alfie’s daughter are put on hold. When he man recovers and finds the daughter he may be able to change not only Rainey’s future but Ivy and Bea’s futures too.

Publication Date: 4 April 2019. Pages: 368. My Rating:

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