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Books, Books and More Books

I’ve just been looking at a post I wrote back a few years ago, on a different blog. About how many books I’d read in the last couple of years and it made me think exactly how many books have I read over the last five years. Since 2014.

I don’t know about you but I love looking at different statistics about the books I’ve read. So here a few of my reading stats I think you may be interested in.

2014 Book Stats

2014 Book Ratings

3 Books Rated:

8 Books Rated:

15 Books Rated:

20 Books Rated:

30 Books Rated:

2015 Book Stats

2015 Book Ratings

1 Book Rated:

3 Books Rated:

3 Books Rated:

22 Books Rated:

37 Books Rated:

2016 Book Stats

2016 Book Ratings

1 Book Rated:

2 Books Rated:

3 Books Rated:

4 Books Rated:

23 Books Rated:

2017 Book Stats

  • Total Books Read: 79
  • Total Pages Read: 26,202 pages
  • Longest Book: 640 pages Lucky by Jackie Collins
  • Shortest Book: 101 pages Unwrapped by Melody Grace
  • Oldest Publication Year: 1882 Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson
  • Newest Publication Year: 2017 Killman Creek by Rachel Caine

2017 Book Ratings

1 Book Rated:

1 Book Rated:

7 Books Rated:

11 Books Rated:

59 Books Rated:

2018 Book Stats

2018 Book Ratings

0 Books Rated:

0 Books Rated:

4 Book Rated:

18 Books Rated:

96 Books Rated:

Total Book Stats

  • Total Books Read: 372
  • Total Pages Read: 121,384

Total Book Ratings

Total 6 Books Rated:

Total 13 Books Rated:

Total 32 Books Rated:

Total 75 Books Rated:

Total 245 Books Rated:

Total Books Given Up On

I hate giving up on books as I usually try to read them to the end hoping that they will get better but sadly I had to give up on these over the last five years:

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