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(The Devil’s Disciples MC book 1) by Scott Hildreth

I love Scott Hildreth books, and I fell in love with his “Filthy F*ckers:” MC Romance, complete 7 box set. I just devoured them. If you loved the Sons of Anarchy series, then you’ll definitely love these books. With that in mind I just had to start reading more of Scott Hildreth’s books so the next series for me to devour is The Devil’s Disciples.

Baker (The Devil’s Disciples M.C.)

The Devil’s Disciples are slightly different to most biker clubs:

  1. They don’t wear a cut.
  2. They wear their colours on their skin.
  3. They only point their gun where they intend to shoot, and only shoot who they intend to kill. No women, no children, and no old people unless it’s self defence.
  4. They train monthly as a group at the firing range. (It provides assurances that we were as fast-or faster-at reacting when we faced a threat).
  5. Indexing their weapons when they go on a job. (Indexing-or carrying the weapon with the index finger out of the trigger guard-was a crucial step in preventing gun related accidents from happening).

The story is about Baker the president of the Devil’s Disciples. Six months after a bank job they did over a 100 miles away from where they live, (so there’ll be no comeback to the club). Baker is looking out of his apartment window and he see a woman chain her bicycle to a post, but she isn’t just any woman, she was the Main witness to the job they did. Closing his eyes and opening them again the woman has gone, he wonders if he was hallucinating. He knew he’d have to go investigate as Cash one of his brothers from the club said if he ever saw her face again he’d soot her between the eyes.

Andy has had a bad six months, after being fired from her job in the bank, (for not following bank protocol during a robbery). After loosing her job she also lots her house, car and had to sell most of her belongings to pay the mounting bills. Her first lucky break was that she was able to move away and start a fresh by going to live with her cousin. Her second lucky break was that she’d managed to find a job as property manager.

Not realising that with moving, she has put herself in mortal danger as the building next door to her new job is the property of Devil’s Disciples. Baker and Andy’s first encounter didn’t turn out as either of them expected. Will Baker be able to stop Cash from killing Andy when he finds out that she’s just next door?

*** This book is definitely for over 18, its hot, sexy and steamy as hell. With tattooed bad boys who look after what’s theirs. ***

**** Publication Date: 10 December 2017. Pages: 243. My Rating: ****

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