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2020 Book Round UP

Well I for one have to say that I’m so glad to see the back of 2020. However during 2020 I did read some really good books. So to round up my 2020 reading journey I have gathered lots of different stats about the books I’ve read. Most of you will probably know that I love my book stats, and I’ve come up with the same list that I used for my 2019 round up. I hope you enjoy looking at them just as much as I enjoyed putting them together.

2020 Basic Book Stats:

Total Books Read: 82

Olive Again by Elizabeth Strout

Total Books Given Up: 2

& F*THS by G L Thomas

Total Pages Read: (Not including books given up on) 24,647

Longest Book: 803 Pages

House of Earth & Blood (Crescent City #1) by Sarah J Mass

Oldest Book: Published: 1 July 1995

Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman

Shortest Book: 34 Pages

Cupcakes & Macaroons by Bethany Lopez

Newest Book: To be Published 18 February 2021

Daughters of Night by Laura Shepherd-Robinson

2020 Book Ratings:

Total 3 Books Rated:

Total 4 Books Rated:

Total 6 Books Rated:

Total 12 Books Rated:

Total 57 Books Rated:

2020 Total ARC Books:

NetGalley Books Acquired & Reviewed:

  • Total Books Acquired: 59
  • Total Audio Books Acquired: 2
  • Total Books Read: 42
  • Total Books Left to Read: 17
  • Total Books Reviewed: 36 (6 books to finish writing up)

Independent Authors Books Acquired & Reviewed:

  • Total Books Acquired: 8
  • Total Books Read: 6
  • Total Books Left to Read: 2
  • Total Books Reviewed: 2

2020 Total Free Books Acquired Via BookBub:

  • Total in January: 24
  • Total in February: 20
  • Total in March: 21
  • Total in April: 9
  • Total in May: 16
  • Total in June: 12
  • Total in July: 14
  • Total in August: 0
  • Total in September: 24
  • Total in October: 7
  • Total in November: 8
  • Total in December: 27

Total = 182

2020 Book Blitz Posts:

Book Blitz:

  • Total in January: 17
  • Total in February: 10
  • Total in March: 7
  • Total in April: 0
  • Total in May: 8
  • Total in June: 17
  • Total in July: 26
  • Total in August: 11
  • Total in September: 0
  • Total in October: 9
  • Total in November: 15
  • Total in December: 9

Cover Reveal:

  • Total in January: 4
  • Total in February: 1
  • Total in March: 2
  • Total in April: 0
  • Total in May: 1
  • Total in June: 4
  • Total in July: 2
  • Total in August: 3
  • Total in September: 0
  • Total in October: 0
  • Total in November: 1
  • Total in December: 2

2020 Favourite Book Covers:

Favourite Book Blitz Cover

Favourite Amazon First Reads Cover

Favourite Purchased Book Cover

Favourite Cover Reveal Cover

Favourite NetGalley Cover

Favourite Random Books of the Month Cover

Favourite Overall Book Cover From All Books Read in 2020

Favourite Book I Read in 2020

I couldn’t just choose one favourite book as I read so many good books during 2020. However I managed to choose my top four favourite books which are shown above. Please let me know what you think of my top four books.


To check out all of the books I have read in 2020 and to see what rating I have given them please go to My Year in Book on GoodReads. To see my reviews please to go Book Review List 2020.

*** I hope like me you have enjoyed looking back at my 2020 reading journey along with my book stats, and I hope you will continue to join me on my 2021 Reading Journey. ***

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