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Books Acquired Via BookBub March 2021

Where has the month gone? Answers on a post card please. So yet again I still CAN NOT resist a Free book!!! For all book lovers that can't resist free books and If you have a limited budget like me. Especially at this time then why not join BookBub. You have full control of how… Continue reading Books Acquired Via BookBub March 2021

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Pink Bits (Awkward #1)

by J B Heller I just loved this book it had me in hysterics many times while reading it. There Were so many funny one liners, I couldn't keep count at all, through all of the laughing I did. Reagan is socially awkward with everyone. When she finds herself in uncomfortable situations she starts sprouting… Continue reading Pink Bits (Awkward #1)

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Random Book of the Month March 2021

Thank you for popping by today the 6 March 2021. To see which book I have pulled out of the Jar of Books. I always look forward to this regular feature to see what book comes out of my huge TBR list. This Months Book Is: Sleigh Bells in the Snow (O'Neil Brothers #1) by… Continue reading Random Book of the Month March 2021

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Amazon First Reads March 2021 Update

Well I have to say that I really struggled to make this months Amazon First Reads choice, as non of this months books stood out to me as a book I really wanted to read. After reading all of the synopsis and the odd review on these books I finally managed to choose which book… Continue reading Amazon First Reads March 2021 Update

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March 2021 Reading List

Just a little reminder that this year I’m going to do things slightly differently, as last year most of my reading lists were full of ARC’s and I felt as though I was ignoring books from my favourite authors. So this year every month I will list two or three ARC’s and two books from… Continue reading March 2021 Reading List