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Books Acquired Via BookBub April 2021

Another month gone and I'm still downloading free books!! I guess its a stupid thing to do seeing what my TBR list look like, but you know me I just can't resist. I have downloaded a couple more free books since I wrote this post but my laptop is being repaired, so I’ve not been… Continue reading Books Acquired Via BookBub April 2021

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Random Book of the Month April 2021

Thank you for popping by today the 6 April 2021. To see which book I have pulled out of the Jar of Books. I always look forward to this regular feature to see what book comes out of my huge TBR list. This Months Book Is: A Dictionary of Mutual Understanding by Jackie Copleton Edition:… Continue reading Random Book of the Month April 2021

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April 2021 Reading List

Again this months reading list is a mix of ARC's and my TBR book list. As I'm slowly trying to get both of my ARC and TBR lists down. However I don't think my TBR list will come down as much as my ARC list will as I just can't stop adding more books to… Continue reading April 2021 Reading List

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Amazon First Reads April 2021

As you all know I always look forward to see what Amazon First Reads has in store for us. This is the first month in a while that they haven't included children's picture book in the line up but they have added a young adult book instead. This months choices are: Domestic Suspense The Aftermath… Continue reading Amazon First Reads April 2021

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Dog Days

by Ericka Waller This is a funny and quirky book, with some really great characters not forgetting their dogs. I admit I wasn't sure about this book until I'd finished the second chapter and then I was hooked. I also have a favourite pair which is George and his little dog Poppy. George also has… Continue reading Dog Days