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2021 Reading Challenges

This year I plan on doing things a little bit differently than I did last year. I only plan on doing 2 reading challenges. As I think last year I spread myself a little bit thin especially with everything that was going on in the world. I found it hard to read at time and… Continue reading 2021 Reading Challenges

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Books Acquired Via BookBub December 2020

This month I have down loaded so many free books. I think I need help!!! Never mind the amount of books I have bought during December, but my argument as always is who cane resist free book? Obviously I can't, if you are like me and love free books join BookBub as I'm sure you… Continue reading Books Acquired Via BookBub December 2020

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The Last Piece

By Imogen Clark I found this book to be very predictable, which takes out the enjoyment out of reading for me. Whether I feel this way because of the amount of books I read, I'm not sure. However I'm sure some people will enjoy this book, but sadly it wasn't for me. Cecily & Norman… Continue reading The Last Piece

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November Round Up

This November I managed to read 12 books I can't believe it myself. I haven't read that amount of books in one month for ages. With reading this amount of books I have finally caught up with my Goodreads 2020 Reading Challenge. However that leaves me 7 more books to read in December to complete… Continue reading November Round Up

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Free Books Via BookSweep

This month I entered a competition on BookSweep to win some books. I know I already have lots of books, but thought I'd give it a go. Sadly I didn't win but I've heard from most of the authors that had a book in the competition. Where they gave me a free copy of one… Continue reading Free Books Via BookSweep